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Since it was founded over 80 years ago, ALFA has grown. It has come through the good times and the bad times, but its constant progress has finally enabled it to become what it is today: one of the Basque Country's leading industrial groups.

It has always sold its famous sewing machines, but today the group consists of 14 companies and focuses on three fields of activity: small household appliances, industrialisation for art, and industrial processes, which account for 80% of the Group's turnover: cold stamping, machining and microfusion, selling to sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, defence, agriculture and elevators and with a staff of around 800 workers.

The ALFA GROUP continues to grow and open up new markets and business lines, some examples being a new sales office opened in Shanghai, China, and a new factory in Brasóv, Rumania, called Alfa Románia. At the same time it is strengthening its links with the local area, proof of this being the fact that major companies such as Mecánica Mallábi, Mafísa, Industrias Gol and Dinalót have joined the Group in the last few years.

Today, ALFA is a business reality that has been able to respond to situations of all kinds, nurturing the present while thinking of the future. The Group's major asset is its team of people, whose innovation and creativity contribute to the increasingly competitive products and services that make the Alfa Group a company for the twenty-first century.